As with any charity or non-profit, the only way that we are able to help those affected by Barth syndrome, is with donations and fundraising. The Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada has always been fortunate to have dedicated donors that respond to yearly appeals. Along with straight donation requests, we have also held fundraising golf tournaments which have always proven to be fun and successful events.

Along with our own fundraising events, we have also been very fortunate to have friends, donors and family hold their own fundraisers on our behalf. If you would like to hold your own fundraiser, we would be most grateful; please check out this Fundraising Resource document or please contact us so that we can give you some help and guidelines.

Some of the past grassroots fundraisers have included:

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The Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada is a completely volunteer, charitable foundation. We fund critical research and provide support and information to affected individuals, families, and medical professionals.