November 3, 2022

I hope this newsletter finds everyone well and getting back to their previous lifestyles before the global pandemic. Although the pandemic is not yet over, the world is adjusting to living with it and the fear is not as heightened as it was last year at this time. We still need to be cautious as Barth syndrome can cause individuals to be immunocompromised at times and those are the individuals who are most susceptible to the corona virus.

We continue to reach out and connect with our Canadian Barth families old and new. BSFCa hosted an outreach this summer in Calgary, AB. It was part of the ‘Barth Syndrome Stronger Together World Tour’ being held this year to reconnect with old friends and welcome new families. Read more about the Canadian tour stop on page 5. Additional stops happened in the US, the Netherlands, and the UK, with one more being planned for France.

We are once again sharing the funding of a research project with Barth Syndrome UK. This year’s recipient is Borko Amulic, PhD, Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Bristol, Bristol, UK. His research is on neutrophil dysfunction in Barth syndrome.

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