JULY 6, 2021

Design X Promotions has helped us create a special Barth store which gives us the chance to wear and show our logo with pride and will return a portion of all sales as a donation to the Foundation, which will help us to continue in our work to enhance the lives and outcomes of Canadian individuals and families affected by Barth Syndrome by:

  • providing health information regarding causes, treatments and potential cures for Barth syndrome to affected individuals and their families, as well as to medical doctors, medical researchers and health workers.
  • providing individuals with Barth syndrome and their families access to health counselling, information or group support programs.
  • and will enable us to fund research into causes and possible treatments of Barth syndrome and make the results publicly available.

We are actively doing work in all of these areas, and in order to continue this and expand our programs, we need your help.

Please visit Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada Store – Design X Promotions and check out our store.

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