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Enhancing the lives and outcomes
of Canadian individuals and families
affected by Barth syndrome."

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Researcher Tools & Resources

The Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada is an affiliate of the Barth Syndrome Foundation Inc. (BSF).  Together we are a world leading source of support for research into the fundamental understanding of Barth syndrome (BTHS), diagnosis and treatments. For researchers and scientists carrying out research BSF has available: 

 Research Funding

 Scientific Resources


  • ‘Seed´ funding to investigators for testing initial hypotheses and collecting preliminary data leading to successful long-term funding by National Institutes of Health and other major granting institutions. Proposals are carefully scrutinized before awards are made. 


  • Largest active registry of individuals with Barth syndrome.

  • Access to the world´s largest reference source on published literature on Barth syndrome.


  • Biennial international conference bringing together leading scientists and researchers from across the world. The conference has a series of events, including meetings, lectures and forums devoted to the exchange of the latest findings relating to basic research.

  • Access to the 'Docs ListServ' - an ongoing forum where members of our international Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, clinicians and researchers collaborate, ask questions and exchange the latest information. Please contact BSF for more information on how to join our ListServ.


For further information, please contact Erik T. Lontok, PhD, Director of Research, erik.lontok@barthsyndrome.org


Privacy and Disclaimer

Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada does not endorse any drugs, tests, or treatments that we may report.

This website is for informational purposes, always check with your physician before adopting any medical treatment.

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