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Enhancing the lives and outcomes
of Canadian individuals and families
affected by Barth syndrome."



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The Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada

Welcome to the official website for the Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada. We are a nation-wide, entirely volunteer-based, charitable organization (registered charity number 86102 2002 RR0001) that works to find treatments, causes and a cure for Barth syndrome (BTHS). While independent, we are an affiliate of the Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc. (BSF), and together we share a vision for a world in which not one more person shall suffer or perish from Barth syndrome. (See the link for an Overview of Barth Syndrome).


Our on-going programs include:

Science & Research

Since the 2005 BSF grant cycle, we have participated in funding approved Barth syndrome specific research. We have contributed funds to researchers in Canada and the US studying the underlying biochemistry and genetics of the disorder, as well as searching for drugs to treat the disorder. All research applications are reviewed by the BSF's world leading Scientific and Medical Advisory Board which consists of experts in various fields relevant to Barth syndrome.   


For more information please see Research Grant Program


Health Counselling

This program is for Barth syndrome affected individuals and their families. BSF of Canada provides a caring community that provides each affected individual and their family information and emotional support. We are dedicated to improving quality of life, advancing treatments, and finding a cure for Barth syndrome. We are here to help, and are available at any time. We know from our own experience what a difference it can make to be able to reach out and connect with someone who knows what it is like to live with Barth syndrome.


Health Information Activities

Our on-going awareness program has two broad audiences--the medical community and the general public. We continuously meet with medical personnel to inform them about Barth syndrome, diagnostic alternatives, and treatments, ensuring that their patients get the care that is unique to Barth syndrome.

Our extended families and friends help us to generate support among individuals and organizations.



Privacy and Disclaimer

Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada does not endorse any drugs, tests, or treatments that we may report.

This website is for informational purposes, always check with your physician before adopting any medical treatment.

Registered Charity Number:
86102 2002 RR0001

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