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Enhancing the lives and outcomes
of Canadian individuals and families
affected by Barth syndrome."

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We are very proud to be able to say that the Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada is run entirely by volunteers. From the Board of Directors and Executive to the envelope stuffers, everyone gives that most valuable of all commodities, —their time.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who helps us out. Our volunteers have gone above and beyond to help us carry out our programs, and assist us in all areas of them. They have great ideas and suggestions, and offer their talents spontaneously and eagerly, for which we are thankful.

The jobs our volunteers perform include (but are not limited to): internet research, newsletter editing and production, knitting, phoning, surveying, collating, singing, golfing, proof reading, fundraising, dancing, speaking to people in the medical profession, woodworking, collecting items, bookkeeping, envelope stuffing, curling, graphic drawing, and so on.

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic volunteers, if you have would like information on how to be a volunteer for the Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada, and want to be a part of our team, please contact us. We have both short-term and long-term jobs available.


Our Wall of Volunteers


Penny is one of our original volunteers. She first heard about Barth syndrome long before the BSFCa existed, and wanted to help her friend's grandson, but really didn't know how. Although not a golfer, Penny gamely went to our first golf tournament and played her heart out. For subsequent tournaments, Penny begged off golfing, and helped in other areas--registration, sponsoring, silent auction, and monitoring hole-in-one action.






Wayne and Dianne at first supported the BSFCa with monetary donations; however, they soon learned that there were many other ways to help out. They have both participated in the golf tournament, attended volunteer workshops, and generally try to help in any way that they can, such as stuffing envelopes, getting items ready for the golf tournament, sponsoring and gather items for silent auctions. They have also run their own fundraiser.





Ryan has undertaken many jobs. Along the way, he has helped at golf tournaments, traveled and presented at hospital grand rounds, and has participated in numerous fundraisers, and awareness-raising activities.




Maureen first heard about Barth syndrome through a friend, at a fundraiser. After attending a volunteer workshop, she made great use of her contacts to procure printed material for us free of charge, she has helped out with fundraisers, and has taken Barth syndrome awareness material to doctors in her other volunteer jobs at hospitals.





As grandparents of Barth affected individuals, Harry and Helen know first hand the effects of Barth syndrome. Both are very knowledgeable about the disorder, and actively reach out to the medical profession talking about Barth syndrome, and what symptoms to look for. They have been involved with multiple fundraisers, including the golf tournament both as golfers and volunteers, and have contributed to silent auctions.





Robert has helped in many different ways. He has presented to doctors and other groups, helped at staff awareness booths, sponsored, donated and helped out at the golf tournament, and participated at volunteer workshops and various events.






Les is a man of many talents. He has served as a board advisor for a number of years, giving his insight and assistance on any number of topics. Along with being a newsletter editor, Les has helped with fundraisers on many levels--from golfing to stuffing envelopes. He has made wooden items for both silent auctions and raffles, and we could not run our yearly planning session without him, as he is our chief cook and bottle washer. If there is a job that needs to be done, Les is our go-to man.





Carol and Bruce are longtime friends of the Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada. They started out by helping with little tasks such as getting items ready for the golf tournaments, and before they knew it, they were knee-deep into it, being put to work at the first ever golf tournament. They actively participated at all ten tournaments. Bruce, a quiet man by nature, is very good at building awareness. He can spend the whole day talking with people, informing them about Barth syndrome. Carol graciously joined the executive, and is our bookkeeper, making life much easier for our auditor. They are both invaluable for their help and we are grateful for all of their efforts.



Adam is a regular volunteer. He has attended and helped out at golf tournaments and assisted at planning sessions. Recently he used his woodworking skills to create a beautiful item to raffle off in a family fundraiser.






Audrey has been a devoted volunteer since the inception of the BSFCa. She has helped us out in so many ways--hosting volunteer workshops, sponsoring, fundraising, people raising, knitting, selling, organizing, and the list goes on. Being a parent and a grandparent of individuals with Barth syndrome, Audrey's heart is truly with the Foundation. She has helped us unconditionally, whenever we have gone to her for assistance.





As so many of our volunteers, Bob and Susan first joined us at a golf tournament. They have both played or helped out at every tournament in so very many ways. As well, Bob and Susan have held silent auctions, and have run several "Boogie for Barth" fundraising dances. Bob amiably responded to a singing dare, bringing in even more funds. Aside from their activities, Bob and Susan have also recruited more friends to join in the fun. Sadly, Susan passed away in May 2018.  





Jessica has been a 'behind the scenes' volunteer for many years.  She knows first-hand how difficult life is with Barth syndrome as she has had two brothers with the disorder (one deceased, one living). Jessica herself is a carrier, and while she focuses most of her volunteer time to the carrier program, she lends a hand to any project she is able to assist with, all while juggling a job, three young children, and being a student herself.






Paula started volunteering with BSFCa in 2009. She and her daughters have run several fundraisers in the past. Paula also edits and formats each edition of the Canadian newsletter and has recently begun to bring the website up-to-date.






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This website is for informational purposes, always check with your physician before adopting any medical treatment.

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