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Enhancing the lives and outcomes
of Canadian individuals and families
affected by Barth syndrome."

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As with any charity or non-profit, the only way that we are able to help those affected by Barth syndrome, is with donations and fundraising. The Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada has always been fortunate to have dedicated donors that respond to yearly appeals. Along with straight donation requests, we have also held fundraising golf tournaments which have always proven to be fun and successful events.

Along with our own fundraising events, we have also been very fortunate to have friends, donors and family hold their own fundraisers on our behalf. If you would like to hold your own fundraiser, we would be most grateful; please contact us so that we can give you some help and guidelines.

Some of the past grassroots fundraisers have included:

Wonderful Wooden Raffle

One of  our extended families hand-crafted beautiful wooden items including nesting tables, a wall clock, and a butternut wood pen as prizes in a raffle. By recruiting additional friends and family to help sell the raffle tickets, they were able to reach a broader audience, increasing not only awareness of Barth syndrome, but the funds raised. Thank you to our wood workers and sellers, and congratulations to the winners.




 Summer Party Starter Kit

With the support and donations of many BSFCa supporters, Cathy held her first ever 'Summer Party Starter Kit' raffle in the spring of 2015. Two large tubs were filled with all kinds of wine, liqueurs and other alcohol which were then raffled off. This raised so much fun and funds, that after congratulating the happy winners, Cathy assured those who were disappointed that they will get another chance in the summer of 2016!






  Boogie for Barth version 1, 2 and 3

BSF of Canada and friends sure know how to party. Bob and Susan have opened their home, street and then rented a hall in order for them to dance, sing and have fun, all while raising funds for Barth syndrome. Good times and high energy abound during these evenings of entertainment and amusement.







Poinsettia Sales

The very first fundraiser the BSFCa held, was selling poinsettias at Christmas time. We were overwhelmed with the support and success of this event. Eventually, Cathy took this on as a personal fundraiser, and  with family and friends continued to raise funds for us at this special time of year. Many people look forward to getting these beautiful plants to brighten their homes.

 Wine and Cheese Party

For several years, Audrey has had a seasonal wine and cheese party in December. This is a fantastic way for her to see all her friends, have fun, and raise funds for us.  

Variety Show


Tony and Audrey and a group of friends know how to put on a show.  Singing, dancing and jokes abound in these traditional variety classics that they have held with all proceeds going to the Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada.


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