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Enhancing the lives and outcomes
of Canadian individuals and families
affected by Barth syndrome."

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The Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada is an affiliate of the Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc., and we are part of an international organization that supports families and doctors living in any country, knowing as we do, that it is only through a unified approach that we can succeed in achieving our vision.--A world in which Barth syndrome no longer causes suffering or loss of life. Together, we continue to generate a positive force as we work towards a cure for this disorder.


Barth Syndrome Foundation
2005 Palmer Ave. #1033
Larchmont, NY   10538
Telephone:  914.303.6323
Email: Contact US
Website:  www.barthsyndrome.org 
Board of Directors

Susan A. McCormack, Chair
Stephen B. McCurdy, Chairman Emeritus
David Axelrod, Board Member
Matthew Blumenthal, Board Member
Megan Branagh, Board Member
Brandi Dague, Board Member
Nicole Derusha-Mackey, Board Member
B.J. Develle, Board member
Michelle Florez, Board Member 
Florence Mannes, Board Member
Emily Milligan, Board Member ex officio
John Wilkins, Secretary, Board Member 
Kevin G. Woodward, Treasurer, Board Member 


Barth Syndrome Trust (UK & Europe)
1 The Vikings 
S051 5RG 
United Kingdom 
Telephone: +44 1794 518 785 
Email: Contact Us 
Website: www.barthsyndrome.org.uk

NHS National Barth Syndrome Service: Barth Syndrome Clinics


Michaela Damin, Chair
Helen Coleman, Secretary
Suzy Green, Trustee
Nigel Moore, Treasurer
Sonja Schlapak, Trustee

Association Syndrome de Barth France
13 rue de la Terrasse
92150 Suresnes
Telephone: +33 6 15 58 02 32
Email: Contact Us 
Website: https://www.syndromedebarth.fr


Florence Mannes, Chair
Philippe Mannes, Secretary
Marc Pillot, Treasurer







Associazione Barth Italia
Piazza Carrobiolo 5
20900 Monza (MB)
Telephone:  +39 339 111 7252
 Fax:  0392023777
 Email: Contact Us 
 Website:  www.barthitalia.org

Board of Directors


         Paola Cazzaniga, President
         Margherita Usai, Secretary and Treasurer
         Carlo Benedetucci, Councilor 

Privacy and Disclaimer

Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada does not endorse any drugs, tests, or treatments that we may report.

This website is for informational purposes, always check with your physician before adopting any medical treatment.

Registered Charity Number:
86102 2002 RR0001

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