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Enhancing the lives and outcomes
of Canadian individuals and families
affected by Barth syndrome."

Our Team

Our Board of Directors is made up of individuals from across the country.  Directors serve two-year terms, and are voted in at our Annual General Meeting in rotation.

The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada (BSFCa). As a member of the Board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the BSFCa community and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization.

Directors provide the leadership for the BSFCa, and support the Foundation's mission of  "Enhancing the lives and outcomes of Canadian individuals and families affected by Barth syndrome".

All board members are committed to the work of the BSFCa, have knowledge about Barth syndrome, and serve on different committees.

Along with assisting families and individuals affected by Barth syndrome, Directors respond to inquires from professionals, organizations and students.

The Board is ably assisted by additional executive members, board advisors, as well as numerous volunteers who provide their time and talents in various methods.



Susan Hone 

Board Member 

Jasmine Champagne

Board Member

Lynn Elwood


For more information, please contact us either via email, or phone

162 Guelph Street
Suite 115
Georgetown, ON   L7G 5X7

 Phone:   1.888.732.9458 or 905.873.2391

For more information about Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada, please see here

Privacy and Disclaimer

Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada does not endorse any drugs, tests, or treatments that we may report.

This website is for informational purposes, always check with your physician before adopting any medical treatment.

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